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ARM280: Armature Plate (Magnetic Lock)

£10.00 £12.00 (Inc Vat)
Armature Plate:
• Replate Armature Plate
• For use with MLR280 / MLR280-D / MLR280-DM
• Size = 180L x 38W x 10D (mm)
• Weight = 0.7kgs
Access Control | 280kg or 600lb | Armature Plate
• For use with a Slim line Mini Magnet

Bracket for use with the Armature Plate
• BMP280-L (L bracket)
• BMP280-ZL (ZL bracket)
A range of Magnetic locks suitable for wooden door types, single version with holding force up to 280 kg (600lbs)
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280kg or 600lb
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