Peter from NG Bailey wasn’t actually after an exit button, but wanted to see if we could convert one of our stainless steel buttons into a bell push. Whilst it wasn’t a standard product of ours, we took a plain stainless steel faceplate, inserted a 22mm stainless steel button – and placed it within a black plastic shrouded box. This was exactly what Peter was after, and the solution was presented to him within 20 minutes of his original request. Total Technologies have now added 3 variations of this product onto the website (Green Dome Exit Button, Red Dome Exit Button with Collar, and a Stainless Steel Exit Button). Whilst the devices can still be used as exit buttons, they no longer have the engraving on them, and hence provide a different level of flexibility to our clients. Even being used as a bell push they still come under the Access Control arena.



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