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FRM100: Fire Relay Module

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With the switch or fire panel contacts (FPC) CLOSED wire the load across 0V and NC or NO terminals (dependant on Fail Secure/Fail Open operation). With the LED OFF the contacts are in the position marked. When the SWITCH or the FPC is operated, then the output from NC and NO will change state to either apply or remove the voltage. The 0V and +VE terminals are not affected by the operation of the relay unit. By using R+ and/or R- you can operate the respective relay contacts. This allows deactivation of door closers while still maintaining power to other equipment, cutting down on the need to route cables unnecessarily. Ensure the total current drawn does not exceed the rated capacity of the power supply equipment.
The Fire Relay Module (FRM100) allows the output of any standard 12 or 24VDC power supply to be switched (to a load) in the event of an input signal being received from a switch or a from an alarm panel.

The output can be used to operate automatic door hold open magnets, window closers and various other products. The module is very versatile, and has either NO / NC relay contacts capable of switching up to 10A at 24VDC. This allows the module to operate in a variety of configurations, and with almost any fire panel with voltage free contacts. This function also allows manual operation with a switch if required.
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