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MLR280: Magnetic Lock

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Magnetic Lock:

• FIRE TESTED on 30 & 60min timber door sets (BSEN1634-1-2014)
• Aluminium housing
• 12/24VDC @480/240mA
• 280kgs (600lb) holding force
• Built in surge protection
• Unmonitored maglock
• Size = 250L x 42W x 25D (mm)
• Weight = 1.97kgs

• Size = 180L x 35W x 10D (mm)


Magnetic Locks

Magnetic Lock


Access Control | 280kg or 600lb | Magnetic Lock
• Slimline Mini Magnetic Lock
• For use internally (do not use on gates)
• Clean and compact design in Aluminium
• Single LED indication on MLR280
• Multi LED indication on MLR280-M
• No residual magnetism

Bracket for use with the MLR280
• BMP280-L (L bracket) - for outward opening doors
• BMP280-ZL (ZL bracket) - for inward opening doors
A range of Maglocks suitable for wooden and metal door types, single version with holding force up to 280kg (600lbs)

These magnetic locks and brackets are fire tested and conform to BSEN1634-1-2014, which makes them ideal for use in schools, hospitals, nurseries and other public areas, and as such it is easy to see why they are our best selling maglocks.

The slimline electromagnetic lock is the most commonly purchased across all of the magnets, whilst you can also get the larger standard maglocks which offer 1200lb of holding force, or a range of smaller magnetic locks which offer either 300lb or 100lb of magnetic force.

These magnetic locks are regularly purchased by bluechip companies, specified on new building developments, and have even been purchased by production companies for use on reality TV shoes and other TV programmes. It really is a versatile locking solution and can be used in both industrial, commercial and domestic settings.

Due to the lack of moving parts within the Electromagnetic lock, and no requirement for any kind of latch or dropbolt, this makes them ideal for use on emergency exits, as there is no risk of mechanical failure as all you need to ensure is that the power is removed.

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Wall Mounted
280kg or 600lb
(Mini Magnetic Lock, Unmonitored)
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